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Episode 0028 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0028 [DVD][8F5D48C8].mkv

In this episode, we are introduced to Misae’s best friend, Mogamigawa Keiko — or as Misae calls he, Okei. She will continue to pop up from here on out!

As I mentioned in the last post, in the hospital episode, Shin-chan confuses お見舞い (omimai, “visiting someone at the hospital”) and お見合い (omiai, “matchmaking dating”). Because of this, when he first gets to the hospital, he thinks it’s a place to pick up a date. He asks for the famous models Okamoto Natsuki, Komiya Etsuko, and Miyazawa Rie.

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Episode 0027 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0027 [DVD][4DDF4457].mkv

Happy new year, everyone!

Just a few quick notes for this episode.

In this first segment, “Gargling Prevents Colds,” Shin and Misae discuss the “Hong Kong cold.” Despite sometimes commonly being called a “cold,” what they are referring to is in fact the Hong Kong flu (as far as I’m aware).

In the preview for next week, Shin confuses the word お見舞い (omimai, visiting someone at the hospital) with お見合い (omiai, matchmaking dating).

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Episode 0026 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0026 [DVD][7C325637].mkv

Shin gets lost in the department store. Nene, Kazama, and Shin are in charge of cleaning the chicken coop at school. The Noharas go to the local shrine to celebrate Shichi-Go-San.

Since Shin-chan is a never-ending, weekly TV anime, the show tends to follow the seasons and holidays. So this episode aired on November 9, 1992. Shichi-Go-San then followed on November 15th the next week.

You might wonder why I’m pumping these episodes out so quickly. I actually have a backlog of episodes translated (through the end of 1992!). Translation is only one part of the work when subbing this series though.

I had originally wanted to try to get to the December 1992, and thus Christmas-oriented, episodes this month… but I don’t think that will be possible. I will be away for the next two weeks or so, thus putting a dent in that plan! Sorry!

Maybe I can continue these releases around New Year’s!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Episode 0023 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0023 [DVD][C7A523C1].mkv

After much delay, I finally have another episode for you guys!

There are some terrible puns in the 2nd segment all involving the word “stilts.” In Japanese, stilts are called 竹馬 take-uma. Literally, it means “bamboo” and “horse.” This, of course, causes confusion for the kids.

Hoping the next doesn’t take me another three months. Sorry!

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Episode 0996 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0996 [720p][62D46BC3].mkv
“Cooking with Miss Nanako / Kitty-chan VS Buri-chan”

I thought I would sub the cross-over episode with Hello Kitty for anyone interested.

Unfortunately, the episode is your typical “new” Shin-chan fare.
I’ll get back to the older episodes after this.

In the opening, there’s some text on the sides that I didn’t translate because of space restrictions. It only says that the episode is a “marvelous collaboration with Hello Kitty” and that the new movie is still in theaters.

Hope you guys still enjoy!

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Episode 0022 [DVD] & OP2/ED2 Singles

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0022 [DVD][E093217C].mkv
[BuriBuri-Music] Crayon Shin-chan – OP 2 – Yume no END wa Itsumo Mezamashi!.rar
[BuriBuri-Music] Crayon Shin-chan – ED 2 – Sunao ni Naritai.rar

On to opening two and ending two we go!

The opening is from the band B.B. Queens, who probably are most famous for doing the catchy Chibi Maruko-chan song “Odoru Ponpokorin.” Both songs are rather ridiculous and loud.

The ending, on the other hand, is sung by Hiromi Yonemura. She offers a cute, light poppy song love song to close each episode.

Also in this episode, we see Masaaki Yuasa’s first (?) credit on the TV series. He is listed as doing key animation. Can you pick his work out of this episode? I’m leaning towards this cut or potentially many of the interactions in the third segment! Let me know what you think!

That reminds me, with the new op/ed beginning this episode, I’ve decided to translate (most of) the credits. It might seem like a lot of text, and it is, but I like having them there. You can always turn the subs off if it’s too much 😛

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Episode 0001-0021 [DVD] & OP1/ED1 Singles

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0001-0021 [DVD]
[BuriBuri-Music] Crayon Shin-chan – OP 1 – Doubutsuen wa Taihen Da.rar
[BuriBuri-Music] Crayon Shin-chan – ED 1 – Uta wo Utaou.rar

Here we are — the final episode with opening 1 and ending 1!
I’ve decided to celebrate by releasing the CD singles for the songs. I’ve included the textless videos as well. These textless videos come from a new master which is extremely constrasty and vibrant — that filtering wasn’t from me. It looks better than the normal version… but I think they went a bit too overboard on it.

As for this episode, we get to see Shin-chan’s fall sports day event at the kindergarten! Sports day is one of the biggest school events of the year. Kindergartens, elementary, middle, and even high schools all have sports day events. Students usually practice for weeks leading up to it.

With this batch, I’ve also decided to change my numbering. The Shin-chan TV series will soon hit episode 1000, so adding an additional digit was needed. All my releases from here on out will include four digits. This makes my task of subbing this seem even more daunting than before, huh?