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Movie 25 [1080p][RAW]

[BuriBuri-Raws] Crayon Shin-chan – Movie 25 [1080p]

Many people asked me to release a RAW version of the movie since I wasn’t sure when I would get to actually subbing it, so here is the 25th Crayon Shin-chan movie: Invasion! The Alien Shiriri!

I’ve included encodes of the textless opening and ending, as well as the production art. There is also one more extra. Within Movie 25, there are hidden references to the previous 24 films. The last extra points out where each of these references are. Unfortunately, I don’t have the timestamps on hand for each of them, so you’ll have to try and find them all within the actual movie yourself!

Whenever I do eventually get around to subbing this movie, I will most likely use this encode and release a patch for those who have already downloaded the RAW. I’ll also release a 720p encode at that time, but for now, I’m only going to do 1080p version. Sorry!

Japanese captions, for those who want them, are included in the encode but turned off by default.


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Movie 24 [720p][1080p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – Movie 24 [1080p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – Movie 24 [720p][F4CADCF7].mkv

Sorry for the long wait! I present to you the 24th Crayon Shin-chan movie, Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World! Movies just take ages to finish subbing. It’s not easy working on something that is five-times the length of a normal episode. It’s tiring, but at least this movie is finally done!

I have two editions like usual, but with some extra stuff this time:

  • 1080p: 10-bit video with both 5.1 and 2.0 audio. Also included are textless versions of the opening and ending videos and a gallery of production art. The “collector’s edition.”
  • 720p: 8-bit video with 2.0 audio. No extras are included in the 720p torrent. The “no-frills edition.”

This is a heartfelt movie brought alive by Michio Mihara. While he didn’t direct (that credit goes to Wataru Takahashi), he did do the concept designs, storyboards, and some unit directing. If you check out the production art, he undoubtedly did the “background design” pictures as his style really shines through on those. If you’re not sure who Mihara is, he also did two of the spin-off series: Alien vs Shinnosuke and Lone Wolf and Cub, as well as worked on many titles alongside Masaaki Yuasa and Satoshi Kon. Check him out on Twitter. He posted a lot of designs and behind-the-scenes photos back when he was working on these titles.

I need to thank a few people for helping out with QC’ing this movie: megumi, Matze149, and bananadoyouwanna all looked over the movie for me. Thanks again!

Movie 25 comes out on Blu-ray this Friday (November 10th). I have already ordered the disc, but I do not plan on subbing it immediately. I might be willing to release a [BuriBuri-Raws] version of it though. We’ll see.

My current plan is to finish up Toy Wars and continue on with the TV series from episode 011.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, join us on the Discord server. We had to make a new one, so if you joined the older one and have just set idly, move on over to the new one linked above.

Anyway, no Shin-chan movie would be complete without the need for a long list of translation notes! Make sure to check them out, perhaps after you watch the movie.

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Toy Wars – 08 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Toy Wars – 08 [720p][465E1568].mkv

Sorry that it’s been over a month since the last release. I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had too much free time to work on any subbing.

I do have some news though. The TV reairings of Shin-chan have restarted from episode 001, so I’m able to get captions for most episodes starting from there. They do skip some episodes, but at least I’ll have most of them, which will make subbing the early episodes much easier. After I finish up Toy Wars and Dreamy World, I’m planning to head back to episode 011+.

Anyway, there’s a couple weird lines in this episode, so check the notes after the break if you’re interested.

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Episode 010 [DVD] & 001-010 BATCH

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 010 [DVD][E1F80D0C].mkv

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 001-010 [DVD][BATCH]

At last, a solid ten episodes are finished. In an effort to make (future) seeding easier, I’ve gone ahead and made a batch of episodes 001-010. If you’re only here for episode 010, feel free to grab either torrent. As for the batch, there are no changes from the original releases of these episodes (besides removing a space in episode 03’s filename). However, if anyone ever wants to help me out by checking my translations/helping with translation, I would be interested in re-releasing these episodes later down the line with improved subs and the memorial box video (for episodes 1-7).

Unfortunately, I think for the immediate future, I’ll be putting a hold on doing more of these early episodes. I love working on them, but I need to finish up Toy Wars and Movie 24. Once I get those done, we’ll see where we can go. I’ve also started encoding RAW episodes, so look forward to those if you are interested.

A few notes follow, including one on the infamous “haigure.”

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New Crayon Shin-chan – v07 (Digital) [RAW]

[BuriBuri-Raws] New Crayon Shin-chan – v07 (Digital).rar

As I mentioned the other day, I’m expanding my reach on Shin-chan stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time needed to translate -everything- of Shin-chan into English, so I thought I would simply share the RAW versions instead for those who want it.

With that said, my first RAW release is volume seven of the New Crayon Shin-chan manga series. It’s a digital rip so the color pages are greatly improved when compared to a normal scan. If you guys would like me to rip the other digital volumes, feel free to donate to help me pay for them 😀

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Doraemon (2005) – 490 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Doraemon (2005) – 490 [720p][546141B7].mkv

Here’s a special release of Doraemon!

Episode 490 of Doraemon marks a revamp of the series. It has a new director and chief director, the character designs have been changed a bit, and the animation style is more emotive and flexible. It’s honestly the best the TV series has ever looked.

If you’ve never watched Doraemon, you can easily jump in with this episode. All you need to know is that Doraemon is a robot cat from the future who has a pocketful of crazy gadgets. He lives with a kid named Nobita in Tokyo, and the two of them get up to all kinds of adventures.

I did this episode simply because I was interested in the changes to the series, and I knew a lot of fans were also interested in it for the same reason. I’m not planning on doing anymore episodes for the time being. I have enough Shin-chan to keep me busy 🙂

A note about the second segment:
This elephant story is based off real-life events that happened at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo during World War 2.  You can read more up on this tragic story here. I also misread the title since his grandpa was telling the story. It should be “The Old Man and the Elephant.” If you want to fix this error, please download this patch file.


Summer 2017 Updates

Hey, guys. We’re in full swing of summer here in Japan. School is actually out, so I’ve been working on and thinking about a lot of BuriBuri stuff over the past week or so.  Here’s what’s been going through my mind.


This is something I’ve been tossing up in the air a lot because I’m generally not one to ask for donations. Fansubbing is a hobby of mine which I do entirely for free, and I’ll never take money for any of the work I do. However, in my efforts to provide Shin-chan content to you guys, I have rented nearly one hundred Shin-chan DVDs, purchased the movie BDs, bought a digital TV recorder/tuner and set up a satellite dish just to record Shin-chan from TV — and all of that actually adds up to quite a lot of money out of my pocket. Any donations I receive will go towards these projects below (or whatever the donator wants it to go to specifically). Rental DVDs are about $1 per DVD, with each DVD including a few episodes. BDs cost $35. CDs cost range depending on what they are. Digital manga volumes are about $5 each.

New Projects (Non-fansubbing)
  • I’ve been expanding my reach of Shin-chan content lately by buying and ripping whatever Shin-chan CDs I can get my hands on — the soundtracks, opening/ending themes, holiday CDs, etc. I’ve yet to release any of my rips yet, but I’ve bought and ripped around 15 CDs so far. I’ve been buying them all from second-hand shops, so the costs aren’t that high, but they do start to add up. My goal is to make a readily available discography of all Shin-chan related music.
  • I’ve also begun looking at Shin-chan manga. There are currently scans out there for all the original Shin-chan manga (50 volumes) and the first six volumes of New Crayon Shin-chan. However, these are scans from the physical releases of the manga series.  There are digital versions available to purchase, and the quality of those digital versions far exceed the quality of the scans. For example, take these two pages from New Crayon Shin-chan volume six. Half the color is missing in the scanned version, on top of other defects like angled pages and random lines of brightness (like on the right page). I would be interested in purchasing these digital volumes and ripping them for all if anyone else would be willing to pitch in and help. There’s also other Shin-chan manga out there too, like adaptions of the movies or spin-off series. I wouldn’t mind getting those either. I’m not planning on working on these at the moment, but perhaps having the rips will encourage me sometime down the line.
  • Finally, I’m still thinking of providing RAW encodes of each episode of the anime series. The only caveat with this RAW project would be that my encodes would have to be minimally filtered. I put hours into encodes of my subbed, older episodes. The masters for the series are quite bad, so in order to make the video look decent at all, I manually go through the episode frame-by-frame to try and clean up what I can. I remove the jitter, film burn/glue at the top and bottom of frames, as well as various other errors with the masters. With Shin-chan now reaching nearly 1000 episodes, if I am to make encodes of all the episodes, I would not have the time to go frame-by-frame for every episode to make those improvements. Any filtering I do would have to be very general and automatic. These encodes would still look okay by most standards, but just perhaps not to the same standard as my fansubbed releases. I have already rented a good deal of the series on DVD, but there are still some that I have yet to get — any donations would/could go towards acquiring these DVD.
Fansubbing Updates

I really want to have a subbing team. Currently, everything that comes out of BuriBuri is worked  on (for the most part) by me alone — and that’s a lot of work for a single person. I sometimes am able to get some help if I go out and pester people for certain things, but I would love it if I could get a dedicated team to work on the series with me. Translators, typesetters, encoders, and quality checkers are mainly what I’m in need of. If you can do any of those positions, please contact me (Skr).  Anyway, here’s what I currently have in progress:

  • Episode 010 – After releasing episode 009, I decided that it would be good to get episode 010 done too so I could put out a batch of episodes 001-010. I’ve started to translate this, but am only about 1/3 of the way through it.
  • Toy Wars – I haven’t even started on episode 05 yet.
  • Movie 24 – So I finished the initial translation and timing of this a few months ago, but I haven’t gotten back to it. I still need to edit, fine time, and typeset before sending it to some folks to QC.
  • Movies 01-21 HD releases – So a big reason why I want to get a full subbing team going is to work on this huge project. I want to sub (and resub) all the previous movies. The quality of the subs for the older movies all vary greatly, so I would love to give some consistency to them all by fixing them up and releasing them in HD. This would take -a lot- of work, but it’s something that I really want to do now that I have all the movies in HD.

Think that about does it for now, folks. Come join us in the Shin-chan Discord channel or my IRC. Would love to have more people to talk about this stuff with. The featured image of the post makes a great background too! I put it together the other day. Poor Masao is left as like always though.

If you do make any donation, come say hi to me, and let me know if you have any preference for what it’s used for. Thanks in advanced for any help you can provide!