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Episode 004 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 004 [DVD][A42C3DD6].mkv

The Sunflower Class Gang / Going on a Picnic – Part 1 / Going on a Picnic – Part 2

Another classic episode for you guys! With this episode, we are introduced not only to Shin’s fear of green peppers, but also to the kindergarten’s yakuza-looking principal!

I’m still looking for a translation checker and TV capper, as always. There is another new Buriburizaemon episode airing at the end of this month on the 29th, so I really need to find a new capper by then in order for me to sub that episode.

Thanks for all the comments you’ve guys have been leaving. I’m glad people are enjoying these releases 😀

Translation notes follow after the break!

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Episode 175 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 175 [DVD][B6C77520].mkv

My True Love / My Confession of Love / Hide-and-Seek with Shiro

I’ve wanted to do some “important” episodes of Shin-chan, but since most of them are early in, and there are no captions for them, they are rather hard for me to sub. However, this episode was actually subbed by Kiku TV in Hawaii years ago, so there are rips of the first two segments floating around with subtitles. I’ve taken those subtitles, edited them a bit, and then translated the third segment to present the full, entire episode.

This is the introduction of Shin’s one, true love — Miss Nanako. The entire episode is a testament to the quality of the show in the 90s. It has some really great laughs, so I hope you enjoy. I’m sorry if you’ve already seen the first two parts, but hopefully the cute Shiro segment will make up for it 😀

I’m still looking for a translation checker and a TS provider! Please contact me on IRC if you can help!

(I’ll update this post with translation notes tomorrow. There’s only one or two anyway.)

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Episode 003 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 003 [DVD][6D219CB3].mkv

Watching Action Mask / School Lunch is Fun / Going to the Dentist

Hey, guys! Here’s another early episode featuring the introduction of Action Mask!

I’m still in need of a translation checker, more than ever. I have some episodes sitting around that I’d really like to talk over with someone first before releasing. Also, still looking for a TS provider for newer episodes and any reairings on CS Asahi. If you can help in either of these areas, please contact me on IRC. Thanks!

A single translation note follows~

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Episode 002 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 002 [DVD][8CBB8625].mkv

Tricycles Are Fun / My Stomach Is Going to Burst / A Nightmare for Dad

Alright, alright. Here is the second episode of the entire series. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be working on older episodes for the foreseeable future. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Also, while I’m still in desperate need of a translation checker,  I’m also now in search of a TS provider/capper for both the currently airing episodes and any reairings. If you can help in either category, please contact me either here on the blog or on IRC. Thanks!

Translation notes follow as always!

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Episode 895 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 895 [720p][A1AA44AA].mkv

Gathering Things to Wash / The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Flashing Chapter

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Here is last week’s episode featuring another Buriburizaemon segment!

I don’t plan on subbing episode 896 at the moment. I think I’m going to focus on some older stuff for now. If a new episode airs that I find worth working on, I’ll just sub that then. Maybe episode 900?

Anyway, hope you enjoy this installment of Buriburizaemon!

Translation notes follow as always.

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Episode 894 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 894 [720p][FDCF4FB2].mkv

A Rice Planting Experience / The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Revival Chapter

Long time no see, folks. Sorry for the jump from episode 888 to 894. I wanted to stay current, but I’ve just been too busy. So the plan, for now, is to sub episodes I find interesting… so that brings us to the newest episode featuring Buriburizaemon!

Buriburizaemon will also be in one of next week’s segments, so I plan on subbing that as well. Look forward to it.

Translation notes follow.

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Buriburizaemon Returns!

So next Friday, on May 13th, Buriburizaemon returns to Shin-chan for the first time in 16 years! Buriburizaemon’s voice actor sadly passed away in 2000, so the character, who was prominent throughout the 90s’ episodes, hasn’t appeared since. But now he’s back!

So I haven’t been able to sub any of the Buriburizaemon episodes yet, so I am going to make this my first. I know I’m behind on the current episodes, and I apologize. I’ve just been extremely busy. However, I am excited about this episode next week, so I’m going to proclaim this now:

I will be subbing next week’s episode. It might take me a bit, but I’m going to go ahead and jump to that episode. I’m sorry for those who want to see everything, but I would rather work on something that interests me more than simply forcing myself through every episode.

So look forward to it. I’m pretty excited 😀


April Updates

Hey, guys. I’ve made my move, started my new job, and finally have internet once again. It’s been a busy few weeks for me, but I’m getting through it all.

Coincidentally and luckily, Shin-chan has actually been off-air this entire time. I still need to sub episode 889 which aired shortly before I left, but episode 890 actually doesn’t air until April 15th! Let’s see if I can get 889 out before then!

Movie 24 is also coming out soon on April 16th, and I’ve already ordered my ticket as you see in the image above. The BD for the movie won’t be out until November, most likely, and in the meantime, I need to get Movie 23 done! It’s still at translation check, but I’ll do some poking to see if I can get it moving.

Concerning older episodes, once I really get into a normalized schedule with my job, I’ll try to see if I can throw some older episodes into my workload. I know you guys really look forward to those, just as much as I like working on them, so no need to worry about me abandoning them.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments you guys have been leaving. It really helps knowing that all the work that goes into this is appreciated. So please keep commenting, and I’ll try my best to get subs out to you regularly. 😀

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Special 76 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – Special 76 [720p][5AB2481D].mkv

Suspense on the Bullet  Train / Kazama-kun Doesn’t Forget Things / Buying New Shoes

Our first TV special from this year’s first “Three-Hour Anime Festival.” The run time actually came out to be 35 minutes, so double the length of a normal episode.

I’m sorry this special took so long. I really wanted to have it done earlier in the week, but working on this was very labor intensive. The jokes are more than plentiful, there’s a new theme song (Movie 24’s ending theme), and just the length in general made this so much more draining than a typical episode.

Episode 889 has aired, so I’ll begin working on that soon. I hopefully can get that done this weekend. (Edit: Yeah, I won’t be able to work on it this week. It will come out eventually :<) After that, Shin-chan is off air for awhile. There’s no episode on March 18th or March 25th, and then on April 1st, they are airing Movie 23 instead of a new episode. So during this downtime you might expect me to sub some older episodes, or maybe get Movie 23 out… but it’s not going to happen. I’m moving to Japan on Tuesday and starting a new job, so I won’t be around to work on anything new for at least a few weeks. Shin-chan being off-air has conveniently lined up with my schedule. Sorry, folks.

Anyway, a butt-ton of translation notes follow this week. Enjoy!

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Episode 888 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 888 [720p][BD767DA9].mkv (MEGA link)

Our Hazard Map / Catching Meat

At the end of this episode is a new extended trailer for movie 24, Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World, along with a preview of its theme song by Ketsumeishi.

Next week is the “three-hour anime festival” which occurs every year around this time. This festival includes a showing of a Doraemon movie and a Shin-chan special. The Shin-chan special is actually not three hours, but most likely only 45-60 minutes long. Still, this is about 2-3x the length of a normal Shin-chan episode,  so I will not have it out by the weekend. I’ll try to have it out as soon as I can.

 Also, I’m still looking for a translation checker. Please contact me if you are willing to help.