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Episode 970 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 970 [720p][D96F43C2].mkv

The premiere of the new voice of Shin-chan.
Don’t be too harsh on her while watching this. It’s her first episode.
On my first listen, all I could do was compare it to Yajima’s Shin-chan, making me feel like someone just took a Shin-chan episode and dubbed themselves over Shin-chan, but after watching the episode a few times, I started to appreciate it more. I’m sure we’ll get used to it in time.

And sorry that this release is coming a bit later than I anticipated. There has been extremely severe weather in Japan the past few days. Nonstop heavy rain that led to flooding and landslides. My internet was actually out for the majority of today, so that put a big halt on my work. You’ll notice that during the second segment of the episode, there are some weather warnings at the top of the screen too. I tried to see if I could get a source without any warnings, but TV Asahi is actually the best available one. Some other channels letterboxed the entire episode with huge bars of weather warnings.

There are a few translation notes for this episode, so check them out.

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Episode 013 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 013 [DVD][43562834].mkv

In a first for the series, all three segments in episode 13 are interlinked. The Nohara family takes a short trip to the beach.

Two notes follow.

Also, I’m hoping to get 970 out tonight after it airs. I’m hoping to not have any problems, but if I do, or if the typesetting needed is extreme, I’ll have to push it back a day or so. I’m looking forward to the episode just as much as anyone else.

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Episode 010 [DVD] & 001-010 BATCH

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 010 [DVD][E1F80D0C].mkv

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 001-010 [DVD][BATCH]

At last, a solid ten episodes are finished. In an effort to make (future) seeding easier, I’ve gone ahead and made a batch of episodes 001-010. If you’re only here for episode 010, feel free to grab either torrent. As for the batch, there are no changes from the original releases of these episodes (besides removing a space in episode 03’s filename). However, if anyone ever wants to help me out by checking my translations/helping with translation, I would be interested in re-releasing these episodes later down the line with improved subs and the memorial box video (for episodes 1-7).

Unfortunately, I think for the immediate future, I’ll be putting a hold on doing more of these early episodes. I love working on them, but I need to finish up Toy Wars and Movie 24. Once I get those done, we’ll see where we can go. I’ve also started encoding RAW episodes, so look forward to those if you are interested.

A few notes follow, including one on the infamous “haigure.”

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Episode 009 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 009 [DVD][942CAA41].mkv

Well would you like at that… it’s episode 009! I’ve decided to go ahead and make my way through these earlier episodes to the best of my ability without captions.

Episode 009 marks the first appearance of the Kasukabe Bookstore shopkeepers — you know, the two that talk to each other using hand signals. I was honestly quite surprised that they appeared this early in the series, but it’s always a joy to see the first introduction of characters like these.

I might do episode 010 next so I can make a batch of  001-010 and get everything seeded. Then After that, I’ll probably jump back over to Toy Wars!

Some notes follow after the jump!

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Special 14 [480p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – Special 14 [480p][2694A582].mkv

Man, I feel like I’ve been working on this for ages. Sorry that it’s been so long since the last release. Anyway, today, I bring you special 14 featuring (spoiler) the birth of Shin’s sister, Himawari.

This special also gives us a quick look at all our favorite characters from the series including the saleslady from hell, the bookshop keepers, the Scorpions, Action Mask, Kuntam Robo, Buriburizaemon, and a whole lot more. I’m not sure how they managed to pack them all into it, but they did.

I’m planning on subbing the two episodes that follow this special, episodes 203 and 204, but I’m not sure if those will be the next releases or not.

There are some weird puns in this episode. One of the more obscure ones is Hiroshi punning on post-pregnancy and coral. Both are “sango” in Japanese. Also, when Shin gives Misae the paper red lily, she reacts in that way because red lilies are associated with death — how sweet. Nene’s Mommy Seven is an obvious reference to Ultra Seven, an Ultraman series.

I’m also looking for staff to help sub this with me. I potentially need another translator, timers, and QC’ers. I know my releases aren’t perfect, but since it’s currently just me, it’s the best I can do. I’m hoping that with some help, we can make these not only better, but be able to release more as well.

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Special 11 [480p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – Special 11 [480p][88602A78].mkv

The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Soaring Chapter / The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Lightning Chapter / Dramatic Crayon Shin-chan / Shiro is Also a Lot of Work / The Monkey-Crab Battle / Dramatic Crayon Shin-chan 2

I had most of the translation done for this special done back in May of last year, and for reasons, it just sat unfinished until now! With Buriburizaemon reappearing last year, I wanted to tackle the older episodes, and these two segments were the first I got my hands on.

The Soaring Chapter and the Lightning Chapter are both from the mind of Masaaki Yuasa, famed now for his other works such as Mind Game, Kaiba, the Tatami Galaxy, and Ping Pong (among others). However, back in the 90s, he was mainly an animator for Shin-chan! These two segments are entirely in his style and tone. They’re hilarious and entirely the reason I decided to do special 11. The other segments in this special are nothing to write about, but the Buriburizaemon ones are beyond fantastic and hysterical.

The source of this is from a TV reairing so everything is intact. It originally aired on December 25, 1995.

There’s some TL notes that I still need to write, but I thought I’d go ahead and release this. Just a note until I get the notes written, the Monkey-Crab Battle is based off an old Japanese tale and references many other old tales within the segment. Dramatic Shin-chan has a lot of jokes/puns that weren’t that easy to translate, while the second part is all about an end-of-the-year lottery that actually does occur in Japan (thus most people are aware of how it functions), so it’s not the easiest to follow either.

Anyway, enjoy! Not sure what my next release will be. Maybe I’ll look at redoing some more of the KIKU subbed episodes. The other Buriburizaemon episodes by Yuasa are on the table too.

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Episode 008 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 008 [DVD][37CCE9AF].mkv

Going for a Walk with Shiro / Building Shiro’s House / I Hate Green Peppers

Now back to your (ir)regularly schedule TV episodes. With Shiro’s introduction in episode 007, episode 008 shows Shin becoming better acquainted with his new found friend. In this episode, we are also introduced to Shin’s hatred of green peppers.

This episode also marks my first release that includes the original next episode preview. Akai Shuichi was kind enough to purchase the memorial DVD box, so I’m now able to encode from that release. Sadly, the video quality isn’t any different between the normal DVDs and that DVD box :\

Some TL notes follow!

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