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Super Shiro – 02 [1080p]

[BuriBuri] Super Shiro – 02 [1080p][43A69EF5].mkv

“The Wack Snack Factory”

Sorry that this episode was a bit late this week. Getting the RAW was a bit trickier this week. Despite not speaking to him directly, I’d like to thank noaione on github for working to get everything working.

In the preview last week, I translated this episode as “The Uncanny Candy Factory.” I should’ve known, with this being a show about dogs, that I should’ve translated “okashi” as “snack” instead of candy. It can mean both, but in this episode they are talking about dog biscuits so “snack” is more appropriate. I like trying to stay consistent, but I felt it was better to change the title than keep the old and have it seem weird.

I’m not going to continue the RAWs since my subbed releases are entirely softsubbed. I released ep1 RAW before I planned on subbing the series.

Special thanks to sotoo, megumi, and onkeikun again!

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