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Super Shiro – 01 [1080p][RAW & Sub]

[BuriBuri-Raws] Super Shiro – 01 [1080p][77C17EEF].mkv
[BuriBuri] Super Shiro – 01 [1080p][668D5EBE].mkv

The first episode from Masaaki Yuasa entitled “Shiro is a Super Hero.”

I’m not sure if I will ever get around to subbing this, but I hope you are still able to enjoy it. Sorry!

Abema’s video was incorrectly encoded to 29.97fps, so I decimated it and added some anti-aliasing too.

I’ve decided to sub this. It’s too cute not to. The video files are exactly the same.
Special thanks to sotoo, megumi, and onkeikun for checking over it.


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