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Episode 0996 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 0996 [720p][62D46BC3].mkv
“Cooking with Miss Nanako / Kitty-chan VS Buri-chan”

I thought I would sub the cross-over episode with Hello Kitty for anyone interested.

Unfortunately, the episode is your typical “new” Shin-chan fare.
I’ll get back to the older episodes after this.

In the opening, there’s some text on the sides that I didn’t translate because of space restrictions. It only says that the episode is a “marvelous collaboration with Hello Kitty” and that the new movie is still in theaters.

Hope you guys still enjoy!


    1. Skr Author

      I know it might seem trite to say, but I personally don’t find the newer episodes to be as funny or entertaining as the earlier episodes. I genuinely laugh throughout each early episode, while these newer ones might just get a single smile at most. But I know many people out there have already seen the older episodes and want to see some new ones too, so I’m trying to do a new episode every once in awhile.


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