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Episode 015 & 016 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 015 [DVD][53D3A8BD].mkv
[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 016v2 [DVD][42A16B4E].mkv

The original release of ep16 had a corruption around 14:58 into episode 16. The v2 fixes it with a new encode. The subtitle script is the same.

Hope everyone had a nice winter holidays! I’m back with another two episodes for you!

To tell you the truth, I’ve already translated up through episode 21 (which gets us through the end of OP1/ED1).
I just have to sit down and finalize the scripts and the video, all of which still takes a good deal of time.

I’m hoping to get those out sooner than later, but for now enjoy these two episodes!


  1. Orochiro

    If you want any help with translating (or some other parts of the subbing process, which I honestly have no clue about like video editing etc.) the earlier episodes I would be willing to help. ^^
    So far I’ve watched the raws up to episode 310.

    1. Skr Author

      Heya, if you don’t mind, it would be easier for us to talk about this on IRC on Rizon (nick: Skr) or on Discord (Skr#5396). I’m on Japan time.


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