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Episode 014 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 014 [DVD][3DC4B7B7].mkv

Summer break is over here in Japan, so that means vacation time is over, and it’s back to work!

This episode of Shin-chan does not reair on TV for some particular reason. I have a feeling it might be the haphazard use of fireworks in the final segment, despite it coming with a warning attached.

The next release shall be episode 15. I already have it translated, but I still need to work on the video. It’ll take me quite awhile before I finish. Sorry!

Translation Notes:

Max Akaishi’s English School
– So Max Akaishi talks in this weird mix of English and Japanese. There was no good way of conveying it through the subtitles, so you’ll just have to keep your ears open for his great Engrish.

10:03 – “Do you like English?” “English? Yes, I love English muffins.”
– I changed this entire exchange to match the English manga release. In Japanese, English is “eigo” which Shin mishears as “ichigo” (strawberries). There’s no way that English would be misheard as strawberries in English though.


  1. Fernanda

    hi! i arrived just yesterday and i loved your work! Thank you thank you <3
    guess you're indeed a fan of shin chan. i hope you keep the job and dont abandon us. My japanese language is so superficial that your sub help me so much.
    this blog has instagram? and just asking, how or when did you watch shin chan for first time?

    and im not charging you, but when will you release the cd or compilation of the songs?
    thanks again


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