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Episode 013 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 013 [DVD][43562834].mkv

In a first for the series, all three segments in episode 13 are interlinked. The Nohara family takes a short trip to the beach.

Two notes follow.

Also, I’m hoping to get 970 out tonight after it airs. I’m hoping to not have any problems, but if I do, or if the typesetting needed is extreme, I’ll have to push it back a day or so. I’m looking forward to the episode just as much as anyone else.

Translation Notes:

20:21 – “Suika Lark”
– This is a pun on “Skylark,” a company who owns multiple chains of family restaurants in Japan.

20:57 – “Are you Kin-san or Gin-san?”
Kin-san and Gin-san were the world’s oldest twins, so Shin is calling the lady old.


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