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Toy Wars – 06 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Toy Wars – 06 [720p][E9C5F584].mkv

In this episode, we get a short glimpse at what the TV show “Middle-Aged Mask” was really like. Grade-A tokusatsu stuff!

Two short notes after the break!

Translation Notes:
01:24 – Onaka Tarumi
– Middle-Aged Mask’s real name is a pun. It means “Flabby Belly”

01:28 – Companies like to hand out tissues as advertisements in Japan.


  1. octal9

    what is the meaning behind the line “the free playroom at sato kokonokado”? also, my undying thanks for your excellent work on this, alien vs. shinnosuke, and the classic shin-chan episodes – we’d be missing some really great stuff without you! keep up the goodness and many blessings upon you and yours!

    1. Skr Author

      A playroom where kids can play with toys for free. Sato Kokonokado being the shopping mall in Shin-chan’s Kasukabe. So when Nekko sees the “toy train” all beat up, he thinks that it must be from all the kids playing with it in the playroom.


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