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Toy Wars – 04 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Toy Wars – 04 [720p][00473B59].mkv

In episode four, we get another lovely song, but instead of from the talented Action Mask, it comes from Obaan! Check out her song: “Like an Obaagin!”

Translation Note:

  • 00:13 – Oban’s song’s title “Like an Obaagin” is a pun on Madonna’s famous song “Like a Virgin.” The lyrics aren’t alike in any way though.
  • 04:12 – Shin actually begins to say the correct “tadaima” (I’m home) here, but instead mixes it with “Imabari Towels” which are a popular brand of towels in Japan.
  • 04:39 – Rikidozan – Shin mixes his normal “okaeri” (Welcome home) with Rikidoazan’s name. He was a very famous professional wrestler, sometimes called the “father of Japanese pro wrestling.”
  • 04:44 – “That’s berry careless!”
    • Shin makes a pun on the word “buyoujin” which means carelessness. Instead, he says “budoujin” which can mean “grape people” or “martial artists.” I made the common pun with “berry” instead of “very” instead.


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