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Toy Wars – 03 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Toy Wars – 03 [720p][FBF3C1DD].mkv

Here’s episode three! Do you guys still have Action Mask singing “Love is Over” stuck in your heads? I know I do…

There’s a few notes about the episode title and new terms used in this episode, so please read after the break.

Translation Notes:

  •  00:05 – A note on the episode title:  the title was actually written in English as “DADA.” However, “dada” in Japanese actually means “tantrum” which is what the entire episode is about. For this reason, I’ve translated it as such and simply put it in parentheses under the “DADA” title — otherwise you might read the episode title as “DADA TANTRUM.”
  • 06:11 – I’ve translated the toy weapon as “Spoiledbrat.” In Japanese, it’s ワーガマーマ (waagamaama). The word 我が儘 (wagamama) (notice the difference between the two — no long vowels) means “disobedient” or “selfish,” or what we could call “spoiled.”
  • 06:48 – “Rise, Expentables!” — yes, it’s meant to be Expentables and not Expendables, making this an obvious pun.


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