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Toy Wars – 01 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Toy Wars – 01 [720p][2B8493BB].mkv

At last, a new release! I present episode one of the second spin-off series, Toy Wars!

I’m not sure if Amazon ever plans on releasing this series internationally with English subtitles, but for now I’m going to start subbing it. Like with Alien vs Shinnosuke, if they ever do release subs, I’ll go back and make a v2 of my releases.

Note to any Non-English fansubbers: Feel free to use my video/subs, but please credit me. I don’t hardsub anything on my videos so that you’re able to use them, but at least have some decency and link back/credit me. Thanks!

In other news, I’ve also updated my torrent link at the top to All my torrents are still there, but are currently unseeded. I’ll start the reseeding process soon!

For this to only be seven minutes long, there’s quite a bit of translation notes that follow. Be sure to check them out!

Translation Note:

  • 00:16 – Middle-Aged Mask
    – The kanji on his shirt is 中, which comes from his name 中高年仮面(Chuu-kou-nen Kamen, “Middle-Aged Mask”).
  • 00:21 – Obaan
    – Her name is definitely a play on おばあさん (obaasan, “old lady”). I thought about trying to translate her name like I did with Middle-Aged Mask, but all the merch has “OB” written on it, so I kept it as is.
  • 00:57 – パンダラーZ, Pandalla Z
    – The show that replaces “Middle-Aged Mask” is called “Pandalla Z.” There was no room to typeset it. Sorry!
  • 02:03 – Chindarake
    – In Japan, there is a chain of used manga/games/figure stores called “Mandarake.” The “man” in “Mandarake” most likely comes from manga, but the “chin” in “Chindarake” seems to come from 珍品 (chinpin, “rare items”).
  • 03:49 – “Its formal name is Ochindarake, Inc.”
    – In Japanese, there are different levels of formality within the language. One way to make something more formal or polite is to add “o” before it. You can read about it here. Anyway, to make this make any sense in English, I added in the “Inc.”  to make him seem like he’s saying the full company name. There is also a pun here as “ochinchin” means “penis.”
  • 05:51 – “I’m Marionekko, the information attendant of Chindarake.”
    – Marionekko’s name comes from “marionette” and “neko” (cat). I wanted to try and find a way to combine marionette and cat/kitty, but I was unable to figure out a decent one.
  • 06:29 – “You want one?” “You bet!” “You really want one?” “You know it!”
    – Shin’s joking on names here, so I couldn’t translate it, making the original meaning and joke simply be lost here. Sorry!
    – Marionekko says “Hoshiino?” which sounds like “Hoshino,” a common last name in Japan. For this reason, Shin first responds with “Aki” meaning “Hoshino Aki,” a gravure idol (and hence the boobs). The second time, he says “Sen’ichi” meaning “Hoshino Sen’ichi,” a famous baseball player and manager .


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