May 2017 Updates

Hey, guys. Sorry that it’s been a while since my last release and update. Spring is a busy time here in Japan — there’s the end of the school year, spring break, the start of the new school year, and Golden Week too — so I’ve been really busy since March!

In the land of fansubbing, the past month or so have been quite a fuss with nyaa going down and now being replaced with a new nyaa. My old torrents are still out there as magnets, but I don’t plan on retorrenting anything quite yet. Everything is on our XDCC bot if you need something.

Anyway, here’s what I’m currently working on/coming soon.

  1. Movie 24 – Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World
    • I’ve decided to go ahead and work on this. I’m half way through with my initial translation at the moment, but it will take me a couple of passes through the movie before it’s ever ready for release.
  2. Spin-off Season 2 – Toy Wars
    • I have the Amazon raws and captions for this series now, so I’m planning on working on it soon. Given the run time of it, it’s like doing another movie but in smaller chunks. I might do single episode releases of this.
  3. Music
    • I’ve also started a project of collecting Shin-chan CDs. I bought five or six Shin-chan related CDs the other day and have ripped them. I’m just trying to figure out how I want to release them.
  4. RAWS
    • I also have been pondering the idea of releasing RAWs. Over the past few years now, I’ve amassed a pretty decent collection of Shin-chan RAWs/DVDs/TS files. Let me know if you guys would be interested in me releasing these. It will involve a lot of encoding, but Shin-chan RAWs aren’t nearly as accessible as other series.

I think that about wraps up what I’ve been working on. I really want to get back to normal episodes sometime soon, but I’m not sure when that will happen.

We have a Discord server now, so if you want to help out or just hang out and chat, feel free to join us.


  1. Pinci

    Yeah, releasing RAWs would be a very good idea, even if it may take weeks to release them all, I’m personally interested in the music CDs too so I’m looking forward to you releasing them 😛

    Thanks for all the effort!

  2. bam-bam

    i’m a big fan of your work. if you release either with subs or without subs i will download them for sure.

    keep it up and good work!!!

  3. Ihonize

    Hi again thank you for this amazing work! You should release your RAWs maybe some other person will be translating from there , another thing is the movies, I can’t seem to download them from torrents there are English subs but no seeds do you have all the English subbed movies?? That would really help me out Thanks!

    1. Skr Author

      Actually, that’s one reason I don’t want to release RAWs. If someone wants to work on subbing Shin-chan in English, I would rather work together instead.

      And no, I don’t have all the movies. I only have the two that I’ve done: Movie 22 and Movie 23.

      1. Ihonize

        Thank you for your fast response. I understand your concerns, so you should do as you think it’s best for the RAWs. As for the movies I am having difficulties getting 3,5,7,8,13,17,19,21 the rest of them I have, some in ISOs dvd of my country and of that only 4,6,15 in Jap Audio but with no English subs.
        The other thing is this site https://shinchaneros.net/foros/forum-30.html which has Shin Chan in Spanish dub but some of the topics contain RAWs too if you should see fit to your work. Thanks!


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