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Episode 902 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 902 [720p][856F116C].mkv

Growing Edamame / The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The National Unification Chapter

Last we left Buriko, she was burdened with her approaching future. She is in her final year of junior high school, having to decide on what senior high school she wants to attend. However, her dream school (where that really cute guys goes) is almost impossible to get into! The pressure is on as she crams for those entrance exams. Will she get accepted and be able to fall in love?

This is all I have publicly planned for the moment. Depending on the Alien vs Shinnosuke episode on Wednesday, that might be my next release. We’ll see! I do, however, have a lot in the making. Hopefully, some of it will come to light before too long. 😀

Translation notes follow!

  • Translation Notes:
  • 06:25 – “That stuff that has a really sharp smell?” “That’s mustard.”
    • Shin confuses カラシ (karashi, “mustard”) for カカシ (kakashi, “scarecrow”).
  • 12:25 – “Pubes?!”
    • Shin confuses おマタゲ (omatage, “pubes”) for マゲ (mage, “topknot”).
  • 13:09 – “Will there be smacks?”
    • Shin’s classic “smacks” instead of “snacks.”
  • 15:22 – “What’s wrong with this?”
    • I had to look this up. Shin says a phrase here that is often used as a joke in period pieces. Some lord will throw himself at a woman, and when she tries to stop him, he’ll say something like “Aw, but what’s wrong with this?” as an excuse as he continues to assault her. Yep.
  • 17:07 – “And they all lived happily never after.”
    • Another Shin classic where he messes up the typical “happily ever after” closer.


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