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Episode 005 [DVD]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 005 [DVD][88932D33].mkv

Going to the Movies / The Good Boy’s Present / Lending a Hand

Thought it was time for another older episode.

I’ll have episode 04 of Alien vs Shinnosuke in a few days, hopefully. I was on vacation, so I haven’t had time to work on it.

A translation note follows!

Translation Note:

  • 07:04 – “‘To a town fart away?'” etc.
    – In this scene, Shin can’t read the kanji (Chinese characters) in the subtitles, only the simple hiragana ones… so when he’s reading it, he’s leaving out certain parts that makes it sound like he’s saying naughty things.


  1. Joseph

    I was wondering where you found Shin Chan DVDs for purchase. I realize the series has been running for a long long time but all I can find is the American one which is only like 6 seasons. Did you have to go to Japan to buy them?

    1. Akai-Shuichi

      If you really want the Japanese dvds your only option is yahoo Japan auctions in which you would need to use a buying service such as tenso.

      This is your only option because most of the dvds are rental only and that’s really the only place people sell them.

  2. andresito

    I am from Spain, part of a Spanish forum of Shin Chan fans, and was wondering if you could help us and find the very few old Crayon Shin-Chan chapters that were only broadcasted in Japan and we haven’t seen (in Japanese, no need for subs).
    We are currently missing:

    Episode 93
    Episode 354
    Episode 460b
    Episode 485ab

    Thank you very much in advance for the help you can provide and for the subtitling work on Shin Chan.

    1. Skr Author

      I have 354ab and 460b, but the other episodes aren’t available on DVD. The only way to get them would be if they reaired on TV. I can’t get them uploaded for you, if you want.

          1. andresito

            Thank you very much!!
            We cannot help you to translate the old episodes from Japanese, but if you want to compare things with the Spanish translation, we have up to episode 825 fully in Spanish.

  3. andresito

    Btw, the forum name is Shinchaneros (someone put this blog’s link there), and there you can find almost every single episode and movie in really good quality (dubbed in Spanish though).
    Just let us know if there’s something we can help with.


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