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Alien vs Shinnosuke – 02 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Alien vs Shinnosuke – 02 [720p][8BD79402].mkv


Now you guys can stop asking me about it.

I changed the title of the episode from ep1 preview. I had it as “The Passenger,” thinking it was in reference to the robot monster thing or the alien, but after viewing this episode, I think it’s actually referring to Shin-chan and company. So I’ve changed it to “Passengers.”

I know there’s 1080p video out there, but I’m sticking to 720p for now. I may go back and do 1080p at the end and update lines if needed (such as changing the ep2 title in ep1 preview).  I’m sure my translation of this isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely serviceable.

And with that, I’m looking for a translator or translation checker to help me out with this spin-off specifically. It’s rather short, so if you’re willing to help, please contact me. I’m also still looking for anyone willing to cap reairing episodes and specials on CS Asahi ch1!




  1. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Skr, thanks for this episode. But I would like to ask you a question.
    Could you tell me when the episodes 843, 864 and 865 will be released ?
    I cannot wait to see them. Thanks you so much so far.

      1. Kenpachi Zaraki

        Skr, thanks for the fast reply. The reason why I want to see this episode is, that I want to see as much Shin Chan episodes as possible.
        Could you tell me why you do not plan to upload episode 843 ?

        1. Pinci

          He said he wants to sub important and/or interesting episodes.
          I don’t blame him, most new episodes are just entertaining or just boring.

          I’m just waiting to see if they animate the story of Midori being pregnant and/or the story of Shiro and Lung (his original owner).

  2. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Skr, could you please upload Crayon Shin-chan movie 23 ?
    I cannot wait much longer. I am waiting for eternal.
    Please could you give us a release date.
    Thanks so far


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