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Alien vs Shinnosuke – 02 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Alien vs Shinnosuke – 02 [720p][8BD79402].mkv


Now you guys can stop asking me about it.

I changed the title of the episode from ep1 preview. I had it as “The Passenger,” thinking it was in reference to the robot monster thing or the alien, but after viewing this episode, I think it’s actually referring to Shin-chan and company. So I’ve changed it to “Passengers.”

I know there’s 1080p video out there, but I’m sticking to 720p for now. I may go back and do 1080p at the end and update lines if needed (such as changing the ep2 title in ep1 preview).  I’m sure my translation of this isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely serviceable.

And with that, I’m looking for a translator or translation checker to help me out with this spin-off specifically. It’s rather short, so if you’re willing to help, please contact me. I’m also still looking for anyone willing to cap reairing episodes and specials on CS Asahi ch1!



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Episode 902 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan – 902 [720p][856F116C].mkv

Growing Edamame / The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The National Unification Chapter

Last we left Buriko, she was burdened with her approaching future. She is in her final year of junior high school, having to decide on what senior high school she wants to attend. However, her dream school (where that really cute guys goes) is almost impossible to get into! The pressure is on as she crams for those entrance exams. Will she get accepted and be able to fall in love?

This is all I have publicly planned for the moment. Depending on the Alien vs Shinnosuke episode on Wednesday, that might be my next release. We’ll see! I do, however, have a lot in the making. Hopefully, some of it will come to light before too long. 😀

Translation notes follow!

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Alien vs Shinnosuke – 01 [720p]

[BuriBuri] Crayon Shin-chan Spin-off – Alien vs Shinnosuke – 01 [720p][8963E1FB].mkv


I lied. I said I wouldn’t sub this, but here I am, and I have.

Episode 1 began streaming on Amazon Prime Video today in Japan. When I first clicked on it, I was surprised to see it’s only eight minutes long. It makes sense, since typical Shin-chan segments are indeed only eight minutes or so. But to be honest, I was expecting a full-length 24 minute episode. Anyway, the short run time coupled with my liking of the episode drove me to go ahead and sub this for you guys.

Sadly, there’s no word from Amazon on when the official English release may be coming. Perhaps after all 13 episodes have been released in Japan? Still, that’s months away!

I’m not entirely sure if I’m committing to subbing the full series or not. Amazon Prime doesn’t have captions like new TV episodes or movies do, so I’m left translating it by ear. I was lucky enough with the simple dialog in this episode, but I can’t count on that for every episode.  I also will have to purchase an Prime subscription. I started a trial previously, and it luckily lasted until today. So yeah, for the moment, not sure if I will continue with this, as much as I do like it so far.

Note to any other Non-English fansubbers: If you want to use my video and script, you can, but please credit me. I don’t watermark or hardsub my releases for this reason, so at least do me that courtesy. Thanks!